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Nero 12 is the latest update of the world’s best-selling multimedia software. It offers video, photo and music hobbyists an integrated suite of technologically advanced, easy-to-use applications that help them make the most of their media.


Compatibility: Windows® XP SP3 (32 bit), Windows Vista® SP2 or later (32/64 bit), Windows® 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (32/64 bit), Windows® 8 (32/64 bit)


Format: Official DVD


Usage: Installation on 1 computer only.


* Please check system requirements for more information on compatibility.

New Nero 12 at


Nero 12 empowers you to create, manage and share your photos, music and videos like never before. The express video editing workflows plus the burning and backup are stepped up and seamlessly integrated with exciting features to give you a true 360-degree experience.

The new Nero makes it even easier to stream photo albums, slideshows, music playlists


- Stream movies, music and photos within your home network


- Film-style effects


- Import and convert video from YouTube and Vimeo


- Edit audio before converting


- Create auto-starting discs


- Photo and video keyword tagging and filtering


- Automatically generated timeline view of photos and videos

Nero 12 Key Features

No-hassle home streaming of your movies, photo slideshows and music playlists

Nero 12 makes it simple to stream photo albums, slideshows, music playlists and more to different devices in your home. Create your projects or compilations only once, then stream them to your XBOX 360™, PS3™, iPad®, Android tablet, PC, digital media adaptor, streaming-enabled TV, or other DLNA- or UPnP-supported devices.


One player for all your videos and music

With Nero 12, you get one media player that can handle all of your video and audio discs and files.**

** Blu-ray Disc™ playback is only included withNero 12 Platinum.


Total support for high-definition AVCHD™ Progressive video

Nero 12 supports the latest AVCHD™ Progressive video (50p/60p) format so you can do just about everything with your HD videos. Import, edit, export or rip them easily.


Use the latest high-quality video formats to convert, edit and burn your movies

Nero 12 supports virtually all the latest video formats, including AVC/264, MKV, MP4, 3GP, AVI and many more.


Spruce up your home movies

Impress your friends and family with your amazing-looking home movies. Hundreds of easy-to-use video effects, templates themes and disc menus in Nero 12 give you everything you need to show off your skills.


Burn reliable, Hollywood-worthy DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™

Choose from dozens of menu templates, navigation options, graphics and text to create Hollywood-caliber Blu-ray Discs™ or DVD-Video™ discs that you can watch with any standard DVD or Blu-ray Disc player.


Finally digitise your analog media collection

Digitally preserve all the VHS tapes***, vinyl albums and cassette tapes**** you have collected over the years. Store them as files on your PC, or burn them to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Disc™.

*** Requires A/D capture card, not included.

**** Requires sound card, not included.


Disaster-proof your data with improved backup device support

Rest assured that your most important data – from financial records to irreplaceable photos – is routinely backed up and secure. It takes only seconds to schedule an automatic backup with the Nero LIVEBackup feature in Nero BackItUp. Now, back up to hard drives larger than 2 TB and the latest-generation USB 3.0 storage devices. Plus, Nero BackItUp can discover and automatically configure your NAS device.


Economically span large data files across multiple discs

Automatically span large files efficiently across multiple CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray Discs™ with the all-new Nero DiscSpan SmartFit feature. You can even use discs sparingly by combining disc types automatically.


Lots of ways to customise your experience

When you upgrade to Nero 12, you can download Nero CoverDesigner, Nero SoundTrax, Nero WaveEditor, and many other useful tools – all for free!


Improved performance for faster results

It’s never been faster or easier to get the results you want than with Nero 12. Hundreds of performance improvements include hardware accelerated video encoding and a split installer that lets you get up and running in 5 minutes. Plus, quickly find and use precisely the photo, song or video clip you want in any project.

System Requirements

  • Minimum system requirements for Nero 12
  • Windows® XP SP3 (32 bit), Windows Vista® SP2 or later (32/64 bit), Windows® 7 SP1 Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate (32/64 bit), Windows® 8 (32/64 bit)
  • 2 GHz AMD or Intel® processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5 GB hard drive space for a typical installation of all components (including templates, content and temporary disk space)
  • Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 compliant graphics card
  • DVD disc drive for installation and playback
  • CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc recordable or rewritable drive for burning
  • Windows Media® Player 9 or higher
  • Third party components such as Microsoft Windows® Installer 4.5, Microsoft .NET® 4, Microsoft® DirectX® or Adobe Flash are shipped with the product or automated download if not included in the package
  • For some services an Internet connection is required
  • Internet connection may be required to verify the serial number during usage of certain features. Internet connection charges are the user's responsibility


  • On 64 bit operating systems, applications run in 32 bit emulation mode
  • The devices must be correctly installed and recognized by the operating system for the product to work properly
  • Installation of the latest WHQL certified device drivers is strongly recommended
  • Setting up of media access server capability requires an PC connected to a local network

Special Minimum Requirements for video editing and authoring

  • OHCI compliant FireWire® controller (IEEE® 1394) for DV or HDV™ capturing
  • TV tuner or video capture card for analog and digital video recording
  • Up to 50 GB hard drive space for disk images and temporary files
  • For support of NVIDIA® CUDA™, AMD App Acceleration or Intel® Quick Sync Video technologies a capable graphics card with a minimum of 256 MB video memory is required

Special Minimum Requirements for Backup

  • Broadband Internet access is required for backup to Nero Online Backup
  • Special Minimum Requirements for LightScribe and Labelflash™
  • LightScribe compatible recorder and medium
  • LightScribe host software must be installed
  • Labelflash™ compatible recorder and medium

Supported Media for Burning

  • CD-R
  • CD-RW
  • DVD±R
  • DVD±RW
  • DVD±R DL
  • BD-R
  • BD-RE
  • BD-R DL
  • BD-RE DL
  • BD-R TL (BDXL)
  • BD-R QL (BDXL)

Supported Disc Formats

  • Data CD (ISO, UDF, ISO/UDF)
  • Data DVD (ISO, UDF, ISO/UDF)
  • Blu-ray data disc (ISO, UDF)
  • SecurDisc CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc
  • Nero DiscSpan (UDF)
  • Audio CD
  • Mixed Mode CD
  • Nero Image (NRG)
  • CUE-Image (Import only)
  • ISO Image
  • Video CD
  • Super Video CD DVD-Video
  • DVD+VR
  • DVD-VR (Import only)
  • AVCHD™ video
  • BDMV video
  • BDAV (Import only)

Supported Audio Formats and Codecs

  • Advanced Audio Coding elementary stream (AAC) - not ripping
  • MPEG High-Definition AAC (HD-AAC)
  • Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 (MP3 / mp3PRO / mp3HD )
  • MPEG-4 Audio (MP4, M4A)
  • MPEG Audio (MP2, MP2A, MPA, MPA2, M2A)
  • Dolby® Digital (AC3)
  • Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF, AIF)
  • Compact Disc Digital Audio (CDA) - not encoding
  • Ogg Vorbis (OGG, OGM, OGA)
  • PCM WAV file, ADPCM Wav file (WAV, WAVE)
  • Windows Media™ Audio (WMA)
  • Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
  • Monkey’s audio (APE)
  • Matroska audio (MKA)

Supported Video Formats and Codecs

  • Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) Audio Video Interleave (AVI, NVAVI)
  • Digital Video (DV, DVSD)
  • QuickTime® Movie (MOV)
  • DVD Video Object (VOB)
  • MPEG Video (MPG, MPEG, MPE, M1V, M2P, M2V, MOD, MP2V)
  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream Files (M2TS, M2T, MTS, TS, TOD, TRP)
  • MPEG-4 Video (MP4, DIVX)
  • MPEG-4 AVC/H264 Windows Media™ Video (WMV)
  • Flash Video (FLV)
  • Matroska Video (MKV)
  • Microsoft Vista TV Recording (DVR-MS)
  • Video CD Movie (DAT)
  • AVC Blu-ray Disc Video Format (BSF)
  • Third Generation Partnership Project Movie (3GP)
  • DVD Movie Info (IFO)
  • Motion JPEG Video (MJEPG)
  • MicroMV Video (MMV)
  • Windows 7 Media Center TV Format (WTV)

Supported Image Formats

  • Bitmap (BMP)
  • Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
  • Icon Image File (ICO)
  • JPEG File Interchange Format (JFIF)
  • Joint Photographic Expert Group (JPEG, JPG, JPE)
  • Picture Exchange (PCX)
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
  • Portable Pixel Map (PPM)
  • Targa Image File (TGA)
  • Tagged Image File Format (TIFF, TIF)
  • Windows Metafile Format (WMF)
  • Portable Bitmap (PBM)

Supported Formats for Playlists

  • Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator/MP3 URL (M3U)
  • Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Locator/MP3 URL + UTF-8 (M3U8)
  • Playlists File Format (PLS)
  • Windows Media Player Playlists (WPL)
  • iTunes Playlists