iClone5 Training DVD

iClone5 Training DVD
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NEW iClone5 Training DVD - Now available from Software4Students

Master iClone5 3D animation software through animated tutorials

Official iClone5 Training DVD is boxed and shipped directly to the address you specify.


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NEW iClone5 Training DVD - Now Available at Software4Students!

Reallusion's training DVD for iClone5 includes a total of 43 animated tutorials that will introduce you to the basics of iClone5, give you a wider range of topics going a bit more in detail, and the basics to iClone4. Each tutorial focuses on a different part of the authoring process and will be your guide to 3D real-time film making, animated storyboarding, and simulation training.

Key Features

- 1280x720 (HD) videos for the best viewing experience
- Easy navigation menu to organise content in an user-friendly and accessible package
- Exclusive tutorials with advanced hints and tips
- 28 How-to Tutorials
- 10 Quick-fix tutorials
- 5 Bonus iClone4 Tutorials

iClone 5 Training DVD Features


28 How to Tutorials

Production Environment

- Intro to production environment, timeline and object movement and manipulation


Digital Actor

- Character customisation
- Turning a 2-D photo into a 3D head
- iClone character types


Camera and Lighting

- Intro to camera and lighting system
- Cameras tell the story: Using multiple cameras
- Depth of field


Smart Animation

- Intro to character motion, human IK, MixMoves & body motion puppet
- Human IK and prop interaction
- Path animation
- Linking vs attaching


Interactive Props

- Intro to physics
- Physics 1, 2 & 3 - Dynamic and static interaction; kinematic objects interaction; soft body physics
- Prop puppet
- Intro to iProps


Visual Effects

- Intro to physics
- All about Particles 1 & 2
- Toon shader 1: Intro to Tono Shader
- Toon shader 2: Character design


Render and Output

- Intro to render and output application

10 Quick Fix Tutorials

- Setting up a scene
- Creating your own character and making it talk
- Customising character's motion 1 & 2
- Creating instant animation
- Making physics animation (rigid and soft body)
- Rendering video with post FX and cartoon shader

5 iClone4 Tutorials

- CloneCloth (v.4)
- From green screen footage to popVideo (v.4)
- 3D video FX - Motion montage and virtual studio (v.4)
- 3-D stereo (v.4)



Reallusion iClone 5 Training DVD - System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

 - DVD drive