CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD

CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD
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NEW CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD - Now available from Software4Students

Master CrazyTalk Animator software with 3.5 hours of animated tutorials

Official CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD is boxed and shipped directly to the address you specify.

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NEW CrazyTalk Animator - Now Available at Software4Students!

Reallusion's training DVD for CrazyTalk Animator includes a total of 43 animated tutorials that will introduce you to the basics of CrazyTalk Animator, guide you through the creation process and give you many useful tips and tricks. In each tutorial you will be guided through a different area of the authoring process.

Key Features

- 1280x720 (HD) videos for the best viewing experience
- Easy navigation menu to organise content in an user-friendly and accessible package
- Exclusive tutorials with advanced hints and tips
- Sample project templates with hands-on access to material used in the videos - 34 How-to Tutorials
- 6 Introductory Tutorials
- 3 Exclusive Tutorials
- Exclusive Project Templates

CrazyTalk Animator Training DVD Features


34 How to Tutorials

Production Environment

- Intro to production environment and timeline
- Camera and 3-D view
- Basic timeline animation
- Advanced timeline: inserting frames and timeline shifting; using layer keys
- Advanced timeline editing


Actor Creation

- Intro to actor creation
- Character composer
- Detailed body photo fitting
- Advanced fitting: short limbed characters; 4 legged creatures: bringing toys to life


Smart Animation

- Intro to smart animation
- Basic puppeteering: slider control; mouse control; masking motions
- Real-time full body puppeteering
- Motion key editor
- Morph and Sprite-based animation
- Creating voice scripts
- Montage scene animation


Stage and SFX

- Intro to stage and SFX
- Composing props from Flash components
- iProp action menu and Sprite library


Content Library

- Intro to content library
- Character composition and customisation


Render and Output

- Intro to render and output

- CrazyTalk 6
- Detailed face photo fitting
- Custom facial features: eyes; mouth
- Face profile and orientation - Create a voice script - Real-time facial puppeteering

6 Introductory Tutorials

- Import CT6 character into animation
- Customise your avatar style
- Turn your phot into animated character
- Create custom scene and simple walking animation
- Import custom media and 3D export

3 Exclusive Tutorials

- Creating a dream sequence
- Linking and puppeteering in scene animation
- Re-arranging faces and using SFX



Reallusion Crazy Talk Animator Training DVD - System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:

 - DVD drive